The things you do every day define who you are.

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Nail your daily habit routine!

Lazy Bones turns your Apple device into a powerful daily routine planner, allowing you to focus on taking action toward becoming consistent in different areas of your life, without worrying about your progress!

Plan your day & stay consistent!

Lazy Bones lays out your daily routine ‘habits’ visually, using graphs, colors & emoji’s, to make understanding your goals & your pogress toward them fun & simple!

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Accolades on the Apple App Store!

#App Essentials - 2019#

#App Of The Day - 2018-2020#

#Editors' Choice - 2018/2019#

#New Apps We Love - 2018#

#Get Stuff Done - 2019#

#Life Hack “What Resolutions” - 2019#

Create your full daily routine!

Plan your day with over 200 preset habits, or create your own using dozens of different colors & emoji's, as well as time & location reminders, & timers!

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iOS 14 widgets!

Access your routine easily right from your home screen with iOS 14 widgets! Lazy Bones offers multiple widgets sizes to ensure there is always a widget to fit in with your home screen layout!

Reflect with daily notes & moods!

Write daily notes & log moods for each of your habits, to help you remember why you started on this journey in the first place, & to keep you motivated & goal driven!

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"The app is so great for setting goals and making great habits, it has such good variety of habits and is really a great way to be productive and have better mental health."

App Store Review - Canada - Jan 8, 2020

"Its the most useful app Ive ever had, I carry a bag full of books, devices, small notebooks, planners,etc and this app gets all that stuff togueter and designs my day as it should be. Ive got a neurological and degenerative condition, so I do have to carry my medication ( which is a lot) and my medical records in a big planner just in case I get a seizure ( which I get daily and not only one) its not an easy life, I have to plan all my day before I even think of plans or meetings. Ive got to time my activities and let my loved ones know where would I be everytime, its kind of a mess if I want to go out but this ... step by step system makes me feel more relaxed as I go through the day so at the end I look at it and I dont feel like Ive wasted my time all day because I was ill. I actually did things, small details towards feeling well. Thank you❤️"

App Store Review - Peru - Dec 2, 2019

"I love this and use it everyday. Great response from developer too when ios13.1 bug surfaced. Highly recommended."

App Store Review - UK - Sep 26, 2019

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